This service involves the management of corporate buildings, the maintenance of public facilities and other CoJ owned facilities including the Metro Trading Company’s informal trading and public transport facilities, as well as to provide effective, efficient and quality facilities management, building construction and maintenance services to the City. FMM ensures continuous improvement of services through research and innovation.

Core functions:

  • Provision of facilities management advisory services to clients.
  • Execution of programmed preventative maintenance plans.
  • Management of lease deliverables for corporate and other CoJ occupied buildings.
  • Evaluations for OHASA compliance.
  • Routine, minor, major and emergency maintenance.
  • Contractor management and evaluation.
  • Re-instatement of buildings for OHASA compliance.

Achievements include:

  • Development of 17 new public convenience facilities.
  • Full implementation of the skills training plan that complies with the requirements of applicable skills development legislation.
  • A positive audit confirming that all City-owned corporate buildings comply with OHASA requirements, (that all buildings be accessible to people with disabilities).