The dawn of a new era for the City of Johannesburg and its people The Office Space Optimisation (OSO) Programme is a flagship programme of Joburg Property Company (JPC), an agency of the City of Johannesburg (CoJ).

The programme aims to leverage spatial development to stimulate economic growth, accelerate service delivery and unite and empower communities of the City.

The restructuring of the City will be enabled by using investment in its own offices as a catalyst for redevelopment.

To this end, more than 900 000 m2 of space has been earmarked for new development in eight precincts across all regions of the City. Each of these precincts will be delivered in accordance with the principles of new urbanism and include mixed-use, transit-oriented and recreational developments.

It will comprise council, government and private sector offices, with a people-centred design that offers extensive retail and residential capacity. These spaces will be vibrant, sophisticated, contemporary community hubs that feature multiple attractions to encourage our citizens to interact
with the City.

Projects Profile Timeline

June 23rd, 2020|

The work we’ve already done paves the way to a brighter future.

Of the developmental work already completed, JPC would like to showcase the following innovative projects. They underpin our commitment to our mandate to create opportunities for business, community and tourism.


2016 Council Chamber Totem Art Competition

June 23rd, 2016|

Recently, the Joburg Property Company (JPC), an agency of the City of Johannesburg, sent out a warm invitation to all the residents of Johannesburg, calling on them to participate in an exciting public art competition.

The competition (open to both young and old, professionals and hopefuls) invited artists to submit drawings, paintings and prints that told a unique story about their community and their community’s history. The winning designs would be translated into wooden totems as part […]

Call to Gauteng Artists for Totems

June 1st, 2016|

Leave a legacy at the country’s leading & iconic Council Chamber

Joburg Property Company (JPC), an agency of the City of Joburg (CoJ), is calling on all Gauteng artists to submit sculpted wooden totems for consideration as permanent fixtures inside the new Council Chamber that is currently under construction in Braamfontein.

To pay homage to our own, the COJ’s new Council Chamber is African inspired and every element of it was purposefully designed with symbolic meaning in mind. […]

New Council Chamber

May 26th, 2016|

Johannesburg is ranked within the top 20 largest metros globally. Furthermore, the city is a world class city and is positioned to be a global destination. Hence, the City of Johannesburg is positioned to create the country’s leading and iconic Council Chamber. The Chamber is the first phase of a broader future redevelopment plan for the Metro Centre. The Council Chamber is set to be the catalyst for the revitalisation and urban renewal of the precinct. The new […]