This service involves obtaining and maintaining value from the property portfolio by effectively administering and leasing, acquiring and selling, and ensuring maintenance of the property. Property Management (Social) is mandated to ensure success in all asset management operations by providing precise information and understanding of the physical characteristics of the portfolio or the assets.

Core functions:

  • Investigation into best practice standards
  • Document management and analysis
  • Property specific or portfolio data compilation and surveys
  • Property maintenance and management of services and encroachments

In the year under review, the Social Department has undertaken various initiatives within the respective quarters to package properties for tender so as to maximise the social property portfolio to the benefit of the community. A total of 23 properties were released for tender.

Making these properties available will facilitate utilising the City’s social property resource for the benefit and interest of local communities while stimulating job creation and supporting Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in attracting private-sector investment. This contributes towards keeping the City’s social property portfolio refurbished and well maintained on the City’s property asset base.

2014/2015 Financial Year highlights:

  • 51 new Deeds concluded by Municipal, to be included in the Asset Register;
  • 21 Deeds in the process of transfer acquired for the Corridors of Freedom initiative;
  • 23 properties placed on tender and released in the last two quarters of the financial year;
  • 64 SMMEs created; and
  • 244 jobs created by the Social Department